Welcome to Seattle!

I moved into my new apartment on Saturday, June 6th.  That was definitely an experience! I walk into the building to get my keys, and the nice man at the front desk said, “Your roommate has already moved in last week.”  What?! I wasn’t supposed to have a roommate!  I was not very happy about this new turn of events.  I had everything planned out for MY apartment, such as friends coming to stay with me during the summer.  I walk into the apartment and was greeted by my roommate.  It seems that she didn’t know that I would be living with her either!  This is going to be fun (note the sarcasm in my typing!).

Well, my apartment  is very nice, although the furniture looks like it was bought on clearance from a 1990s furniture store! What is going on with the hideous print chair and the glass-top  dining room table? Definitely not what the pictures look like on the website.  I am located in the heart of Downtown Seattle, which means I can walk a couple of blocks in any direction and be at the piers of Puget Sound, the Seattle Public Library, Pike Place Market, or Benaroya Hall, where the Seattle Symphony performs.  I am directly across the street from the Seattle Art Museum (SAM)!  I hope to take in as many of the sights as I can while I am here this summer.

Today is the day before I begin my internship.  I’m a little anxious, because I haven’t been told very much about what is expected of me.  I drove out to the National Archives and Records Management office and was it very foreboding!  The building is concrete with no windows and is completely surrounded by barbed-wire fence!  I hope that the people are a lot nicer than the building appears to be.

The drive out to NARA is just a little intimidating!  Because my apartment is located right on the water, all of the streets going away from the water are very steep! So when you are sitting on the hill/mountain and have to stop at the stoplight, it is a very dangerous position to be in.  I hate it! I am so afraid that I am going to either roll backwards into the car behind me or have someone roll back into me.  I hope that the more I drive up these horrible hills that I will be more comfortable with it; if not, I am going to have a very long summer.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Seattle!

  1. Oh no Erin…that is really odd, about the whole roommate situation. I hate that for you. Hopefully you guys will hit it off and become pretty close buddys!
    Enjoy all you can while you are there. Driving on the hills will get easier for you, they have for me here in Cali!
    Hope all goes perfect for you! Talk to you soon!! =)

    • Hey thanks! I certainly hope that the roommate thing and the hills thing gets easier too. I never thought that I would like Oklahoma for the flatness! 🙂

  2. Hi Erin! I’m sure you’ll get to be a pro at driving those hills and controlling those roll-backs – I remember being terrified of driving my dad’s standard with a trailer behind! It sounds like you and Kristin had a wonderful time. I’m so glad God blessed her with such a beautiful and wonderful friend! Hope you had a great day and don’t spend too much time cooped up doing homework – this is definitely the time to see the sites!
    love ya,

    • I sure hope so! Well, Kristin is not the only one that is blessed! I definitely appreciate all the Kristin has done for me and been there for me over the years! I will also be taking time to see as many of the sites that I can while I am here.

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