My first day at NARA

Well today I survived my first day of the internship.  I arrived 20 minutes early, because I had no idea how much time I needed to allow for traffic.  Thankfully, it wasn’t bad.  My morning was spent in a whirlwind of meeting new people that I will be working with for the summer.  Everyone on seemed super nice!  I also met the other intern that will be completing the same program through The Washington Center as me.  She is very nice and actually lives here in Seattle.  We even found out that we live only a couple of blocks from each other in Downtown!! How awesome is that?!  We plan to carpool some this summer.

Like I said the day was spent meeting people and filling out forms and getting the general layout of the building, which is easy to get lost in.  It seemed like all of the corners looked exactly the same!  My supervisor began explaining the project that I will be working on all summer.  I will be responsible for processing 300 cubic feet of land transactions that have been accessioned from the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Portland office.  I got a quick glimpse of some of the papers today, and I think it is going to be pretty cool.

Besides the internship, I am also part of The Washington Center, which is a professional development program designed for the students that are interning all across the country.  However, on a conference call today I learned that I will have A LOT of homework to do in association with TWC that includes a 10-page research paper!! I didn’t know that I was expected to do homework on top of the 40-hour position.  Oh well, this will be a piece of cake compared to the grad courses that I have survived.

I’m excited to get started tomorrow!


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