You know you’re not in the South when…

So today, I went to Safeway to get a few groceries for supper tonight.  I haven’t really done much cooking, so I decided that I wanted tacos and chips and dip–something simple and easy.  I have never been in this grocery store, so it took me a while to find where everything was.

I couldn’t find the Velveeta or the Rotel, so I stopped to ask a lady that was passing out free samples in the aisle.  She told me that she didn’t work there and couldn’t help me.  Well, a nice lady overheard our conversation and asked me what I was looking for.  I told her that I was looking for Rotel.  She said, “What is that?”  So I explained to her that is was basically diced tomatoes and chilies in a can.  She said that she had never heard of it before!  How crazy!   So after I realized that she couldn’t tell me where the Rotel was, I asked her if they had Velveeta.  She said, “Oh yes! They have that all over the country!”  She told me where it was, so I went to find it.  I found it all right…it was $7 for a 2-pound block! This stuff is like gold up here!

I decided that I would go look for the Rotel one more time…so I trekked back across the store to the tomato section.  Eureka! I found a tiny section of Rotel.  I started to pick up 2 cans to put in my basket, when I noticed the price.  They were $1.99 per can!!  No wonder, no one knows what it is; it’s too expensive to buy.  Needless to say, this will probably be the only cheese dip that I will be enjoying for the summer, so I’m going to savor it! 🙂


3 thoughts on “You know you’re not in the South when…

    • I know! I did enjoy my dip, but it wasn’t as good as normal. I bought the store brand of Velveeta since the real stuff was so expensive.

  1. I think you better look up a nice recipe for pico de gallo and make it fresh from the market!! 🙂 Have fun! We’ll need you in Tyler this fall – how are you at remodeling?

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