It’s not all it’s cracked up to be…

So today, we had our weekly conference call with The Washington Center.  Our topic was Civic Engagement.  As part of the internship, each student has to be involved in the community, such as organizing a food drive or writing your Congressman about an issue that is passionate to you.  Well, I’m not exactly sure when I am supposed to find the time to do this, since I work 40 hours each week and have reports and papers to write as well!

There was a guest speaker that I’m not really sure what she did, but her “job” was to be to guide us and explain what was expected of us for the civic engagement.  Well, they called each person’s name and asked, “What issues are you passionate about?”  Well, they got to me, and I hadn’t come up with anything that I was passionate about.  (Right now my passion is getting out of school without owing money and finding a real job!)  So instead of making something up, which I’m not good at, I just said that I didn’t know what I was passionate about.  Well, that really set the guest speaker off! She proceeded to rake me over the coals about not having an issue that I care about!! She said, “So you think that everything in the world is perfect, and there is nothing that you want to change?”  I wanted to say, “yes!”  But I didn’t and said that there wasn’t really any issue that I cared about.  Then I explained that my supervisor had suggested putting together a food drive for the local Children’s Hospital.  She then proceeded to ask, “so is that something you are passionate about? Do you want to work in the Children’s Hospital?” Obviously, she wasn’t listening.  And I explained that I wouldn’t be working in the hospital. She then moved on to someone else to harass.

Anyway enough of my rant, but I’m still planning on doing the food drive.


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