My very own personal tour

Sorry that I haven’t been blogging every day.  I have been pretty busy.  My sisters are coming to see me next weekend, so I have been working extra so that I can be off a couple of half days while they are here. However, today I did take time out to enjoy a tour of Seattle and its wonderful neighborhoods with Sam.

Today we drove all over Seattle.  We began our tour at Kerry Park.  This is probably the most famous site of Seattle that is seen on the postcards.  I was able to get a magnificent view of the Seattle skyline with the Space Needle and Mt. Ranier!  It was incredible!  I’m so glad that is was such a beautiful day, or the mountain would not have been out.

view from Kerry Park

Kerry Park and Mt Ranier

Next, we drove through the neighborhood of Fremont.  This is the artsy neighborhood that is known for its rather unique sense of art.  Throughout the neighborhood, there are strange statues that can be seen.  First, we stopped by the statue of Lenin that was brought over from the USSR after its collapse.  This is quite the fixture in the neighborhood; they like to decorate him.  If you would like him for yourself, he is for sale for only $250,000.

Lenin Lenin info

We then drove underneath the Aurora bridge, where you can see the famous troll.  I was completely shocked, because it was huge! He has a real Volkswagon bug in his hand!Troll under the bridge

We then drove through Ballard, the U district (where the University of Washington is located), Green Lake, and Queen Anne.  We also visited Volunteer Park, which was designed by the Olmstead Brothers.  Their father is the famous landscape artist that designed Central Park in New York City and Fenway Park in Boston, just to mention a couple.  In the park, there is a large water reservoir that is located inside.  We decided to walk up the water tower.  Wow! that was a lot of stairs!! It was a nice view though.  They also had a conservatory with the biggest cactus I have ever seen!

Water reservoir at Volunteer park

We also drove around LAke Washington and by Seward Park, which is named after the famous Seward that lobbied for Alaska to be bought.  There was a statue of him at Volunteer Park, but I forgot to get a picture of it.

Earlier in the day, Sam and I had ran into a group of people that were dressed as if they were doing Live Action Role Playing.  He assured me that Seattle can be strange, but not everyone goes around dressed like that.  Well while we were eating at a local Mexican restaurant, a huge group of people came  in that was dressed very strangely.  One guy was shirtless with camo pants, combat boots, and a huge belt.  Another girl had on a shirt that had fake boobs hanging out, and that was just a couple of people…I turned to him and asked, “Are you sure that they don’t dress strangely all the time?” Seattle is a unique city to be sure!


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