National Archives and Records Administration

This is where I work.
This is where I work.

So I have alluded to the fact that  the actual building where I work is not great.  Here is a picture of the outside.  This used to be a warehouse for Boeing.  In the 60s, they sold it to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).  In order to walk around the entire building, it takes about 15 minutes and it’s a half mile all the way around.  The decor inside seriously needs to be updated.  When you walk in, you think that you have walked back into the 1960s!  Everything is really bland and not exciting at all.

The warehouse area is used to store records for the Records Administration.  It contains approximately 800,000 records at this time!  The records are shipped there from different agencies and are still considered active.  According to the records schedule, they are either destroyed or shipped to the archives as permanent records at a certain date.  The other day, I had to go into the warehouse to get more folders for the project I was working on.  IT was the first time that I had been in there by myself, so I told Rosemary, the other intern, that if I don’t come back in 15 minutes to come looking for me.  Thankfully, that was not needed, and I didn’t get lost. 🙂

For our internship, we have to take pictures while we are working and turn them in.  Once, we take pictures of our actual work area, I will post those as well.

another view of the outside
another view of the outside

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