Bite of Seattle and Seafair Pow Wow

I had a very busy and exciting Saturday!  I met Rosemary and her husband, Joyejeet, and we went to the Bite of Seattle.  This is an annual food festival, where alot of the local restaurants go and set up booths to sell their food for cheap.  It was held at the Seattle Center, which is where the Space Needle is located.  There were tons of people there!  All of the food smelled absolutely delicious!  They had all kinds of things to choose from; anything from alligator on a stick to Filipino eggrolls!  I ended up settling on the Jerk Chicken Wrap from the Taste of the Caribbean and Strawberry shortcake that was made with fresh local strawberries.  I was stuffed after that!

After we went our separate ways, I went to the 24th Annual Indian Days Seafair Pow Wow, which was held at Discovery Park in Seattle.  It was the first Pow Wow that I had ever been to.  I loved it!  I felt very “native” while I was there. 🙂   I was able to make it to see the grand entry.  This is where all of the Native Americans came in with full regalia.  It was amazing!  They then had everyone dance, called Intertribals; even non-natives could dance during this time.  They began the ceremonies by praying, which was very disturbing because he prayed in his native tongue and I’m not sure what god he was praying to.  They then had different categories of dancers that competed.  While I was watching them, they all looked as if they were dancing the same way.  As if he was reading my thoughts, the announcer explained what they judged on.  He said they looked at their regalia, how well they stayed with the beat of the drum, and how fitting their style of dance is to the song.  It was very educational!

I walked through all of the booths of handiwork and bought a couple of things for gifts.  I really enjoyed looking at the different jewelry and carvings.  I really wanted to buy an ulu, so I was disappointed that they didn’t have any.  Hopefully, I will be able to find one somewhere in the city.  Below are some pictures that I took at the Pow Wow.  Some of them are not that good, because of all of the movement.  However, you will get an idea of the beautiful regalia.


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