Sunday at Pike Place

Today, I spent the afternoon doing a little souvenir shopping for my family.  After doing some shopping on the waterfront, I decided to go to Pike Place Market.  Since today was a Sunday,  it was very crowded and busy!  There were so many booths with unique handcrafted wares.  I think I could go everyday to see the new things that are on display.  There were several street musicians and magicians performing today.  In front of Starbucks was a Gospel quartet that was very talented.  Then as I was walking down the street I noticed a man playing the piano, only it wasn’t a full-size piano.  It looked like both ends had been cut off so that it was shortened! I took a picture, but I don’t think the picture shows it very well.  Then there was a huge crowd gathered around a juggler on a unicycle.  He was very entertaining!  For his finale, he juggled a bowling pin, a machete-like knife, and an apple.  While still juggling, he took a bite of the apple!  It was incredible!

Also, today was a beautiful day!  Below is a picture of Mount Ranier. Enjoy!


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