What do Jimi Hendrix and Ted Bundy have in common?

A local reporter from the Seattle Times came today and interviewed Sue and Candace, the directors, about what is going on at NARA.  He actually noticed our sign advertising that this year is our 75th anniversary, so he thought he would come check us out.  He is working on a story and will probably be back to get more information.  In the afternoon, we had a group of American History students that are in summer school take a tour of the archives.

When outsiders come to tour the archives, the archivists try to put their best feet forward.  In order to do that, they showed the visitors our most interesting holdings.  They showed them some files on the Chinese Exclusion Act,which is very popular among genealogists researching their family histories.  These files contain immigration records and usually have pictures of the immigrants with them.  Also they showed them an inmate log from McNeil Island Penitentiary.  This book listed the inmates names, photos, crime, sentence, distinguishing marks, birthplace, etc.  It is a treasure trove of information!  Most of the men (and a few women) look very scary!  The big finale is the draft cards that belong to Jimi Hendrix and Ted Bundy, the serial killer.  They were issued in 1942 and 1946 respectively.  They contain alot of information about physical characteristics and where they attended high school, etc.  Very cool stuff!


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