Seattle Heat

So I never thought that when I came to Seattle, I would complain about the heat…but it has happened!  Today, the official temperature for Seattle was 103 degrees!  This is an all-time high for Seattle!  It wouldn’t be so bad, if my apartment had A/C.  However, it is incredibly hot!  Today, everyone was freaking out over the temperature, and they forgot how to drive as well.  There were several accidents today, and the only thing that anyone could blame it on was the heat. Isn’t that crazy?!  There was a small brush fire along I-5, because someone was idiotic enough to throw a cigarette onto the median!  This area has been under drought warnings for several weeks due to the unusual lack of rain, so the heat just added to the danger.  By Friday, it is supposed to be back to normal temperatures.  I can’t wait!!


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