2009 Alaska Airlines Torchlight Parade

Last Saturday night,  I went to the 2009 Alaska Airlines Torchlight Parade.  It began around 8:00pm and lasted until 10:30pm.  It was held on 4th Avenue, so I only had to walk three blocks up to 4th to watch it.  I met Sam there, and later Rosemary and her husband joined us.  It was so much fun, except for the fact that it rained on us!  It has only rained one other time since I have been here, but it decided to rain when we were standing outside without any umbrellas!  Thankfully, it only rained for a few minutes.

The parade had a lot  of really neat floats, marching bands, and balloons.  Each of the surrounding neighborhoods entered a float or a group into the parade, so it gave everyone the opportunity to see the different unique attributes of the neighborhood.  I was very surprised at the many ethnic groups that participated in the parade.  They included the Sikhs of India, Filipino martial arts, Chinese dragons and musicians, Japanese musicians, and Hispanics in costume on horseback, just to name a few!

All of the different sports teams participated by having their marching bands perform.  They were all very good!  Also all of the armed forces participated.  I must say my favorite was the US Navy; they played Anchors Aweigh!  It made me feel very patriotic! 🙂    The finale was great! The theme was Legends of the Sea, so they had a huge pirate balloon followed by a pirate ship!  Everyone on the ship was dressed up like pirates.  Once they arrived at each block, they would light a canon.  It was so loud that I think I temporarily lost my hearing! But it made me feel like I was in the middle of Pirates of the Caribbean! Just call me Captain Jack Sparrow! 🙂

I wasn’t able to get a lot of great pictures, since they were always in motion.  Enjoy the pictures that I did get!


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