Flesh Avenue

Since I have been here in Seattle, I have learned alot about the interesting history of the city.  One of the most surprising things that I learned was that First Avenue, which is where my apartment is located, used to known as “Flesh Avenue.”  Up until the 1980s, First Avenue was a part of town that upstanding citizens stayed away from.  The entire street was full of strip joints and porn cinemas.

Just a couple of blocks from my apartment is a club known as The Triple Door.  It used to be a pornography theater that operated up until the 80s.  There is a famous story of some local bank robbers.  There were some bank robbers that planted a bomb in the theater downtown.  They then called the police to report it.  The bomb went off in the theater; while they were downtown, the bank robbers were able to pull off their heist.  Afterwards the theater was unable to make the repairs, so the patrons would sit in the charred out seats!

There are still two strip joints on First Avenue.  They are very out of place now!  Below is a picture of the Lusty Lady.  I had to take a picture of their sign outside.

Lusty Lady


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