Home Sweet Home

So I apologize for not updating my blog in a very, very long time!  I’ve just been so incredibly busy since I made it back to Oklahoma.

My mom flew up to Seattle a few days before my internship was over, so that she could drive back home with me.  We left Seattle on Saturday, August 15th and made it back to Oklahoma Monday night.  On our way back, we drove a different route than when Kristin and I went to Washington in June.  We drove across Washington and stopped in Spokane for lunch with some family friends that were passing through the area.  It was crazy that it worked out that we were able to meet up with them.  They live in Missouri and yet we haven’t seen them in over a year; yet we met them 2,000 miles from home.  Crazy how things work out sometimes! 🙂

That night, we stayed in Big Sky, Montana.  We got so lost, because the roads were under construction and all of the road signs had been taken down.  It was about 1am before we were able to get to the hotel.  But the view the next morning was well worth it!  The hotel was a ski resort, so we were surrounded by mountains and ski slopes.

That day we drove through Yellowstone National Park and stopped by to see Old Faithful.  The park was absolutely beautiful!  We were able to see several smaller geysers, fountain pots, and fumaroles.  At one point, we were stopped in traffic, when two buffaloes ran by our car!  It was so unreal.  Then a little later, we spotted a small herd of buffalo just lounging in the open.    When we got to Old Faithful, it had just erupted.  We ended up waiting around for another hour or so until it erupted again.   I am so glad that we stayed around, because it was amazing!  It was just a great reminder of the beauty of God’s creation.  After we exited Yellowstone, we also drove by the Grand Teton Mountains.  They were beautiful!   We didn’t realize that it was going to take all day in the park.  We had planned to stay the night in Denver, but because of several delays including construction and traffic we stayed in Rawlings, Wyoming.

The next day, we ended up driving for almost 14 hours!  It was such a long day.  When we got to Wichita, Kansas, we ran into a severe thunderstorm and got caught in some hail.  We finally made it home around 11pm.  I was so glad to be home!

I want to thank all of you that have followed me through the summer.  I had a great time and hope that you enjoyed hearing about some of my Seattle Adventures.  I am not going to blog any more, due to the fact that I am back in school and trying to finish up with everything this year.  Thank you again for your support



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