Cairo – Day 2

Mahmoud, my tour guide

Today (Thursday), Mahmoud, my own personal tour guide!, took me to see the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx.  When we pulled up to the Pyramids, they wanted to search our car. (Mahmoud said that I looked like a terrorist! They didn’t search anyone else’s cars or buses. LOL) The Pyramids were so unbelievable! You see pictures of them your entire lives and never believe that you will actually get to see them in real life.  They were absolutely huge! They let you climb up a few feet, and I was able to get my picture taken while standing on the Great Pyramid.  There are Tourist Police everywhere that are dressed in white uniforms and make sure that people do not try anything stupid.  They all have whistles and so any time anyone tries to go farther up than they are supposed to, they start blowing on their whistles! It was insane.

Me in front of the Pyramids

We also went to the Cheops Boat Museum.  The boat was buried beside the Pyramid so that when the Pharaoh came back to life, he would be able to have a boat to travel down the Nile River.  The technology of the boat was very impressive! It’s hard to believe that this boat is several thousand years old.

In front of the boat at the Cheops Boat Museum

While we were there, Mahmoud asked me if I wanted to go inside the Pyramids, so I said sure.  Oh my goodness! It was not for the faint of heart! If I had known what that meant, I’m not sure that I would have said yes.  We went inside the Great Pyramid.  For most of the way, you cannot stand up straight but are hunched over.  The walkway is so steep, and all you are walking on is a board with slats that are supposed to help you walk up.  There were two different levels before you get to the end which was an empty room.  There was no air so it was super hot!  We ran into a couple from Germany, and they stopped to talk with us.  The girl offered us some water, and we gladly took it!  Even though, it wasn’t much to see, I’m still glad I got to go inside.

This is not the passageway that we were in in the Great Pyramid, but it is similar in size.

The rest of the day we spent walking around the “park.”  We went to the Great Sphinx, and it was a lot smaller than you would think.  However, I was still impressed.  When you walk up to it, it is still partially in a pit from where they dug it out.  It’s so hard to explain actually seeing these things in person!

I'm petting the Sphinx! 😉

While we were there, I rode on a horse and a camel! The camel wasn’t bad at all (They weren’t even mean, Delaine!) except when he had to get up off his knees and when he had to let you down off of his back! That was a little scary.  The guys that are leading the camels are saying, “Lean back! Lean back!” You feel like you are about to fall off! I was able to take a picture with the camel Mickey Mouse (the same one that Daddy rode on while he was here.)

I'm on Mickey Mouse with Mahmoud beside me.

Mahmoud talks to absolutely everyone whether they speak Arabic, English or whatever.  So he was talking to a family that was visiting the Pyramids and told them that I was American.  The two girls wanted to have their picture taken with me.  I felt honored.  I’m learning that especially in Egypt, they look at Americans with lots of respect.  It’s one of those things that we take for granted with all of the opportunities that we are given.

The Egyptian girls and I

At the end of the day, Mahmoud took me to The Road Leisure Café to try Kochari.  It was excellent! Kochari has a layer of macaroni and other cooked pasta, then rice, lentils, fried onions, and garbanzo beans.  You then add tomato sauce on top and mix it together. Delicious! I tried a Fayrouz Pineapple drink, which was better than anything that you can get in the US!


It was a great way to start my visit in Cairo!

(Just a side note: My Chi hasn’t worked so far, so my hair looks terrible in the pictures! Just don’t pay attention. )


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