Cairo – Day3

Today (Friday), Mahmoud took me to see the Egyptian Museum.  We are not supposed to take our cameras inside, but I snuck mine in. Shh! When we were going through the metal detectors, Mahmoud was patted down by the guard.  He slipped the guy a bribe so that I could take pictures!  I was able to take a few, but some of them didn’t turn out so well.  I had to be pretty sneaky and not really look at what I was taking a picture of.

The museum was not like any American museum, where it is nice and air-conditioned/climate-controlled and everything is put in a glass case so that it cannot be touched.  Instead, the only rooms that had a/c were the mummy rooms, King Tut’s room, and the Ancient Jewelry Room.  Everything else was not air-conditioned.  There were statues everywhere and coffins just lying around! Crazy!

Random Statue

There were entirely too many things to take in all in only one day!  We toured the two Mummy Rooms that were absolutely incredible! I got to see King Ramses II’s mummy, as well as, Queen Hatshepsut’s.  I was utterly amazed by how well preserved their bodies were.  A lot of them still had most of their skin and hair. One of the queens was buried with her pet baboon, so the baboon’s mummy was lying next to her.  (It was originally thought that the smaller mummy was a baby.  However, they x-rayed the mummy and discovered that it was instead a baboon!)

I think that this mummy is Ramses II.

There was a room that had King Tut’s stuff from his tomb room, but I did not get to see his mummy.  I think it is on loan somewhere. (?)  There was a room strictly for animal mummies.  They had alligators, dogs, cats, baboons, falcons and even a horse!  Very interesting!

King Tut's coffin

I was told by several Egyptian women that I was very pretty. Crazy, right?! They are the ones that are pretty!  I ran into a group of people that was from Maryland.  It’s really cool being in a different country, because you meet so many interesting people.

For supper tonight, I had Pizza Hut! I didn’t realize that so many American restaurants were here.  I’ve also seen KFC and McDonald’s (of course), and Coca-cola and Pepsi products are everywhere!

I hope you are enjoying the blog.  I’m going to visit the Citadel tomorrow.

In front of the Egyptian Museum

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