Cairo – Day 5

I enjoyed a relaxing day at the flat today.  Mahmoud needed a break today (I think I’ve been running him around too much!).  Aunt Deborah’s friend Rebab had a baby today, so she was at the hospital super early this morning until she delivered a healthy little girl named Julia.  I can’t wait to meet her! Aunt Deborah said that she is beautiful and has a head full of black hair.

I did a little laundry and uploaded pictures on Facebook so that you will be able to enjoy them.  There are a handful of TV channels that are in English, so I watched a little TV – Bones and CSI:Miami.  It’s cool, because at the bottom of the screen are Arabic subtitles!

Tonight, we ordered supper and had it delivered to the flat.  We ate from a restaurant called La Chatel.  For supper, we ate Spaghetti Bolognese, Spaghetti ala Carbonara, Egyptian Salad, Fish sticks and Fresh Bread.  There was enough food to feed an army! We’ll be eating leftovers for the rest of the week.  The bread was delicious; one of the rolls was actually a pretzel roll (You would have liked it Kristin!;).

Sorry it’s a short post tonight.  I should have plenty more to write about tomorrow!


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