Cairo – Day 8a

Well we didn’t get back to the flat until after midnight from the boat ride, and we had to get up at 3:30am this morning to catch our flight to Sharm El Sheikh.  Our ride through Cairo was nice so that I could see the city at night.  The Citadel and the Mohammad Ali Mosque were beautiful all lit up!  I was amazed at how many people were still out roaming the streets at 4am!

Our flight was on Egypt Air and left at 5:55am; it was only an hour flight and was thankfully uneventful.  The scenery on the Sinai Peninsula on our way to Sharm was quite unexpected! I looked out the window and below us were mountains! The mountains were mainly just big piles of dirt and sand though. Just think, the Israelites probably wandered through the wilderness right where I flew over!

Mountains on the Sinai Peninsula

Once we landed, we found a taxi to take us to the Marriot Red Sea Resort at Naama Bay.  Our room is a corner room, so we have an excellent view of the main pool and the mountains behind the hotel.  After we finally got in our room (thankfully we were able to check in early), we took a long nap to recover from the very, very short night!

Sharm El Sheikh
View of the Pool from our room

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