Cairo – Days 6&7

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to update my blog! There has been a lot going on the past couple of days.  On Monday (Day 6), I had another day spent around the flat.  Mahmoud’s family came over and ate supper with us.  His wife is the same age as I am, and his two girls are 5 and 7.  It’s a little difficult to communicate at times, because their English isn’t great.  While they were over, a breaker blew out so we had to get an electrician to come replace the breaker.  By the time that was finished, it was bed time.

On Tuesday (Day 7), Aunt Deborah and I went shopping in Manial, the little island where she lives in Cairo.  It was nice to get to walk around on the streets and see the little shops that are everywhere.  It was interesting to see a hospital crammed right next to a little shop!  We shopped at a place where Aunt Deborah shops when she comes to Cairo.  We were able to find some really great clothes for cheap compared to American standards.  It’s funny that everywhere I go the Egyptian women love my hair, and the Egyptian men check me out and either call me “beautiful” or say “Welcome to Egypt!”  I think that the main reason that the women like my hair is because all of the women wear their hair long (at least what you can see of it).

For lunch, we ate at La Reine, a nice sit-down restaurant that served Egyptian food, which was delicious!  I had a nice soup, which was basically a seasoned chicken broth with pieces of chicken and orzo.  Then we had Chicken Penne, which was chicken breast thinly pounded out and then deep fried with vegetables (they really like tomatoes and cucumber) and an order of  Fata, which is a dish of Egyptian bread, rice, and garlic served with tomato sauce.  I really enjoyed it! I also tried their version of lemonade, which they call “lemon juice.”  It was different from our lemonade; it was smoother and very frothy as if they blended it in a blender.  I think I might have to try to make Egyptian lemon juice when I get home!

We then went back to the flat to get ready for dinner with one of Aunt Deborah’s business associates.  Osama took us to the Giza Yacht Club for supper, where we had Mixed Grill.  The Mixed Grill consisted of grilled chicken and Kofta, a minced lamb that is mixed with spices and then grilled like a hamburger patty.  After supper, he took us out on the Nile River on his speed boat.  On the boat he had nuts and drinks for us to enjoy while on our boat ride.  Egypt has the best cashews!! The boat ride was awesome! Cairo was beautiful from the river! I truly think that Cairo is the city that never sleeps! Everyone comes out at night, because the night air is cooler.  The traffic on the Nile at night is amazing; there are all kinds of dinner cruises that are offered by the hotels and party boats that float by with their colorful lights and loud Egyptian music.

The Nile River tour was the perfect way to end the day! I only wish that my camera took good night pictures.


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