Cairo – Day 8b

That night, we went to eat supper and were treated to a special treat.  During the meal, there was live entertainment, which included a three man ensemble, two belly dancers, and a skirt dancer.  It was incredible! The ensemble included a lute, violin, and tubla (I found the use of the tubla instrument very interesting, because it is also an Indian drum.) The music that was played was exceptional and added an extra layer of enjoyment to our meal.

Our live music

After the ensemble played, two belly dancers performed one after the other.  The first was definitely the better of the two.  She was dressed in an orange costume with lots of sequins and beading to catch the light.  (I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of her, only a video.)  The next dancer was still go, just not as good as the first.  Her costume was less flashy, and the crowd didn’t respond to her, as well. I was so glad that I was able to see a belly dancer live.

The last portion of the live entertainment was the skirt dancer.  The skirt dancer is a man that is dressed in a costume consisting of multiple, multi-color skirts.  The entire performance, he will twirl so that the skirts will flare out.  He began with what looked like tambourines without the small cymbals on the side making them into different shapes and designs that he would hold with both hands and even his mouth and head.  Next, he began taking the layers of skirts off and twirling them above his head, so that they never stopped spinning. The underneath of the skirt has a design so the audience will be able to see it while it is over his head.  He then had lights in the skirt that lit up while all the lights were turned off.  This was by far the coolest part of the whole performance.  Once, he finished with the finale the music continued to play while he twirled the skirt above his head while maneuvering through the crowds.  He stopped by our table so I was able to get a couple of good pictures of him.

Skirt Dancer and Maisa

Once we finished supper, we walked into Naama Bay where the night life was happening.  All of the shops and restaurants stay open really late, and the streets are filled with people.  Mahmoud and Maisa, his wife, stopped to smoke Shisha (or the hookah, as we Americans call it) while the girls and I enjoyed some ice cream.

Haneen eating her Crunch bar (Except they call it a Mega bar)

It’s very neat to be here at Sharm, because it is an international vacation destination.  Everywhere you look, you will see someone from a different country speaking a different language.  It’s very humbling to be able to experience a different culture and be exposed to different viewpoints and perspectives.


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