Cairo – Day 9

Yesterday (Day 9 of my trip), I spent the day in the water (very surprising for a lot of people I’m sure!) with Mahmoud and his girls.  It’s not everyday that you can say you swam in the Red Sea, though. The water was just the right temperature so that the heat didn’t bother you as long as you were in the water.  The water was very clear so that you could see all the way down to the bottom.  While we were in the water, a huge fish just swam right by us! It was crazy! (I don’t know what kind of fish it was, but it was very pretty.)

Ready for the beach

While we were at the beach, we met a very nice Saudi woman named Noor, who was here on vacation with her family.  She spent a couple of hours just talking with us and playing with the girls.  She spoke some English, so we were able to communicate.  After a few hours, the girls got tired of the beach, so we went back to the hotel pool, which was quieter.  Unfortunately, I paid for staying out in the sun so long. L I put so much sunscreen on, but you wouldn’t be able to tell if you looked at my shoulders and legs!

For supper, we ate an Italian restaurant. The girls were so tired from being out in the water and sun all day that they had to be kept awake in order to eat supper! As soon as they finished eating, they laid down on the booth and fell asleep.  We took the girls back to the hotel, where they stayed with Aunt Deborah, and Mahmoud, Maisa and I went to Naama Bay so that they could smoke Shisha.  We did a little shopping, and I found a beautiful canvas painting that I want.  I didn’t look at the price, but I might have to look at it again tonight!

Mahmoud smoking Shisha

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