Cairo – Day 11

On Saturday, I sat by the pool and relaxed with Aunt Deborah and Mahmoud’s family.  We were going to try to go to the Egyptian Dinner given by the hotel, but they weren’t taking any more reservations by the time we checked on it. I think they have it one more time before we leave, so maybe we will be able to catch it.

We ate supper at TGIFriday’s! It was delicious! The menu was very similar to ours but with fewer choices.  After supper, we went to the mall in Naama Bay to check on getting the painting that I saw a couple of night before.  The way it works is that when you are a tourist the price goes up.  So I gave Mahmoud my money so that he could negotiate with them.  They were asking for 750 Egyptian pounds ($132), and Mahmoud was able to get the painting for 380 Egyptian pounds ($67)!!! I was so excited!  It will go great with my things that are in storage at Aunt Betty’s. :/

Right beside the TGIFriday’s was a Baskin Robbins!

We then went to the Shisha coffeeshop so Mahmoud and Maisa could smoke.  While we were sitting there, some of their friends from Cairo happened to pass and joined us.  We had a really good time visiting with them.  They spoke pretty good English so we were able to communicate a little bit.  They got a good laugh at me while I was trying to pronounce one their names! I’m not sure I ever got it right. LOL  They shared some pumpkin seeds with me, which were interesting to eat.  I’ve had them in the States before, but they were quite a bit bigger and you just ate the whole thing.  Here, they are smaller than sunflower seeds, and you only eat the insides! The taste was good, but the work was too much for me!

Aunt Deborah, Haneen and Habiba

Habiba’s hair was curled into little ringlets all over her head , so I called her an Egyptian Shirley Temple!


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