Cairo – Day 12

On Sunday, we went to the Old Market in Sharm El Sheikh.  We browsed through the shops and tried not to make eye contact with anyone so as not to be hounded to death!  They had all kinds of things to choose from, such as animals made from coconuts, belly dancing costumes and spices.

Belly Dancing Costumes
Coconut Cow (For you Elizabeth)

For supper, we ate lamb chops at a local restaurant.  They were absolutely delicious! There were lots of other things that we ate, but I don’t know how to spell any of them. :/ After wards, we went to the Hard Rock Café and enjoyed the music.  I think that was the Italian place to hang out, because the DJ and most of everyone else were speaking Italian.

At the entrance to the Old Market in Sharm El Sheikh

Just to clear up any confusion as to what Shisha is, it is unfiltered tobacco that is smoked through a water pipe.  Most of the locals smoke it plain, but you can get flavored tobacco in apple, peach, etc.


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