Cairo – Day 13

Maisa and I before we went parasailing

Monday, Mahmoud, Maisa and I went parasailing over the Red Sea.  Maisa and I went together, while Mahmoud went by himself.  It was absolutely incredible! It was my first time to parasail, and I’m scared of heights and water. So right before we took off, I was thinking “What on earth and am I doing?” I’m glad I went though, because it was so much fun!  I was able to have an awesome view of the Red Sea.  The water was such a deep blue; it was beautiful!

Red Sea

The Muslim women that cover themselves from head to toe, also cover themselves when swimming.  I was able to get a picture of a Muslim woman as she walking by in her swim dress.  I can’t imagine wearing all of those clothes in such hot weather!

Swim Dress

That night, we walked into Naama Bay for supper.  While we were walking through, we ran into a parade for the World Tourism and Biodiversity Day.  There were people in all kinds of vehicles, and riders on horses and camels.  They also had a makeshift stage set up, where there were dancers and a DJ.  The Governor of West Sinai was in attendance, so there were Secret Service men everywhere making sure that the crowds stayed out of his way.

We ate supper at KFC.  I think the girls ate more than I did; they LOVE chicken. J I’ve drank more Pepsi since I’ve been in Egypt than I have in the States in the past 10 years! They have Coca-Cola too but not in as many places.  I haven’t seen Dr. Pepper anywhere, so that’s the first thing that I want to drink when I get back in the States!  It was a nice, relaxing last night in Sharm El Sheikh.  I hope to be able to go back one day!


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