Cairo – Day 14

Tuesday, we flew back to Cairo, which was an uneventful flight.  When we finally got our luggage from baggage claim, we went to meet Wael (sp?), who works with Aunt Deborah and was picking us up.  However when we stepped out of the airport, we were immediately accosted by about 10 taxi drivers wanting us to ride with them.  Aunt Deborah kept telling them no, but they would not leave us alone! They kept getting closer to us and basically had us surrounded on all sides! Thankfully, Wael came up, and they finally backed off.  Later, Aunt Deborah and I were talking about it and decided that if that was someone’s first impression of Cairo they probably would have turned right around and got back on the plane!

Once we got back, I went to the office with Aunt Deborah.  I was glad to be able to meet everyone and see where she works.  Her office is located in Heliopolis, a neighborhood inside Cairo.  The architecture is really neat and was designed, for the most part, by the same architect (Barone is the name, but I’m not sure about the spelling.) that designed the house that will turn completely.

Christian Church designed by Barone

It’s surprising how much difference 10 degrees makes! The entire time we were in Sharm, the temperature stayed around 100 degrees.  As soon as we walked off the plane, Aunt Deborah and I were so glad to not sweat immediately like we did in Sharm.  I’ve got enough dirty laundry that it will take all night to wash!

Fruit Stand in Heliopolis

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