Day one: Travel

Saturday, Daddy and I were supposed to fly out of LIT at 3:50pm. As we were getting ready to head to the airport, we got notifications that our flight was delayed until 5:13pm, meaning we wouldn’t make it to ATL in time for our connecting flight! When we got to the airport ticket counter, the Delta agents were excited to see us and said they had been trying to reach us. (Not sure how since neither one of us got a phone call, but anyway…) She was able to reroute us through Detroit and Minneapolis-St. Paul and we were leaving at 3:55pm. Pretty much the same time we were scheduled to leave. Best part was that she was able to seat us together since Daddy wasn’t able to get a seat by me originally; we were able to sit in the exit row the whole way; AND we were arriving at 12:18am instead of 1:30am like our original flight!!


Our flights were pretty much uneventful. I had never been to the Detroit (DTW) airport and was impressed by how nice and modern it was. We had just enough time to walk from one gate to the next, but we had to stop and take a picture in front of the really cool fountain. 🙂 (Sorry the lighting isn’t so good.)

ImageIn MSP, we had a little over an hour between flights so we decided to eat supper at Chili’s Too. The service was so slow that they were calling for final boarding by the time we made to the plane! When we first got on the plane, they had the heat on! We just looked at each other thinking how horrible this last leg was going to be. (The flight was almost 6 hours long.) But after a few minutes they switched over to air and life was good. 🙂 They showed Iron Man 3 in flight, so it made the flight seem not as long. We did get to see some lightening in the clouds, which was really cool! I tried to get a video, but it had slowed down quite a bit by the time I got my phone out. The sun was pretty crazy as we flew over Canada. It set right after we got in the air at MSP, but then a little while later the further we flew west the more you could see it on the horizon. It made you think the sun was rising again. Image

We finally landed in Anchorage at 12:05am (3:05am Central)! It was 57 degrees when we landed; a far cry from 97 degrees when we left! At baggage claim, we both got our bags and were turning to leave, when a guy said, “Excuse ma’am, is that your shoe?” I turn around and one of my Converse sneakers is riding around on the baggage carousel! I run over to catch my shoe and hurriedly thank the man. Now let me back up…before we left the house, I weighed my suitcase to make sure it was under the 50 lb. weight limit. Guess what. It was 55 lbs! So then came the hard part of what to take out. Well, I decided that I didn’t really have any extra clothes, so I added my hair dryer and make-up bag to my carry-on. Then took out two pairs of shoes and a toiletry bag to put in Daddy’s bag. (His only weighed 30 lbs. How men can pack so light absolutely amazes me!) So back to baggage claim. Apparently, his garment bag had partly unzipped and one of the shoes had managed to work its way out. Thank goodness it hadn’t done that mid-flight or who knows where my shoe would have ended up.

We made it to our hotel about 1:00am and settled in for a good night’s sleep.


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