Day Two: Musk ox and family

It rained all day Sunday, so we spent the day inside. The temperature stayed around 57 degrees. After having a relaxing morning spent around the hotel, we went to the airport to pick up a rental car for the day and I decided to feed a musk ox!Musk ox

Okay. So maybe the musk ox is no longer alive. But I think this is the Best. Picture. Ever. Daddy and I crack up at it every single time. lol

We spent the afternoon visiting with Grandma and Aunt Paulina and had a really good time. Aunt Paulina brought smsalmonoked salmon that was caught last week. Oh my goodness! Delicious! Then she made a dip out of it by just adding mayonnaise and spreading it on a cracker. So good. She is sending some smoked salmon back with us. 🙂 She is also planning to make pickled salmon later this week, and they started thawing some muktuk (raw whale blubber) for us to eat later this week.

I got to watch Grandma use her ulu to cut up the muktuk. I told her she needs to teach me how to use my ulu as well as she!


The apartment building where Grandma lives has lots of Alaska Native art on display. This carving is made from carvingwhale bone.

We got to meet and see a few of her neighbors while we were there visiting her, including this lady “walking her dog.” Hilarious! IMG_6073

Three weeks ago a black bear came up onto the back patio of their apartment building so there were signs warning residents to watch out for bears and moose. I would be scared to run into one in the open, but I really hope that I get to see them while I’m here.IMG_6075

Who would have thought that I would be the tallest one in the group?! 🙂 Grandma is on the left and Aunt Paulina, one of her younger sisters is on the right.



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