Day Eight: Anchorage Market

Saturday, Daddy and I met Grandma at the Anchorage Market, which is an outdoor market in downtown Anchorage during the summer on Saturdays and Sundays. They had tents set up with all kinds of things to buy and eat. Most everything was locally made or grown, and the booths were plenteous.



Fox tail key chain, anyone?

Since when do you go to an outdoor market and not try good food?! I decided to try the beef piroshki for lunch. After being introduced to Russian food by my violin teacher, I have decided that I really like it.


After spending the majority of the afternoon at the market, we went back to Grandma’s and did laundry. lol It is definitely nice to be able to bring some clean clothes back home. For supper, we decided to try out the Millennium Hotel’s restaurant, The Flying Machine. The Millennium is next door to our hotel Coast International but a lot nicer. I tried the crab and scallop mac and cheese, which was delicious, and we split the Alaskan Berry Cobbler a la mode for dessert. Delicious! We also got to witness one of the prettiest sunsets over Lake Hood.



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