Day Ten: Last day in Anchorage

Monday was our last day in Anchorage. Hard to believe that the time had gone by so fast! Both of our flights left late so we slept in a little bit and spent the morning packing and deciding what we were shipping home. After we got checked out of the hotel, we went downtown. I had seen a hoodie at the beginning of the week that I wanted at Trapper Jack’s but talked myself out of it. Well after looking at hoodies all week in every gift shop we visited, I did not find one that I liked as well. So we went back to Trapper Jack’s to get my hoodie. 🙂 We ate lunch at Sack’s Cafe, where I decided to eat the Alaskan Reindeer sandwich, which was delicious!

Reindeer sandwich with cheddar, pickled red cabbage & dijon...delicious!
Reindeer sandwich with cheddar, pickled red cabbage & dijon…delicious!

When we went to say goodbye to Grandma, we found out that someone hit her parked car while it was right outside of her apartment! She had just gotten a new car a couple of months before, so it was really upsetting that someone would hit her car and flee the scene. Hopefully, her insurance will be able to fix her car.

The entire time we were in Anchorage, Aunt Paulina tried to get us together with her son Mike and his daughter Mika. Unfortunately, it never worked out. Well they lived on our way to the airport, so we stopped by their apartment to see them. I had actually met Mike and Mika several years ago when she was just a few months old. He had gone to Mississippi to get her and stayed at our house in Marianna for a few days. It was really special to see Mika now that she is 12 years old and practically grown!

Aunt Paulina, Mika, Daddy and I
Aunt Paulina, Mika, Daddy and I
Cousins: Mike and Daddy
Cousins: Mike and Daddy

After a quick visit with Mike and Mika, it was time to head to the airport. 😦 Daddy’s flight left at 8:11 to go back to Little Rock, while mine didn’t leave until 12:36am for Seattle. We had time to enjoy a nice supper before we parted ways. I was so glad I got to spend my first visit to Alaska with Daddy. It just made the time that much more special. We packed our time with so many wonderful activities. I definitely hope I get to go back soon!

Our last picture in Alaska



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