Málaga: Day two –Trip to Ronda

On Wednesday, Elizabeth and I took a bus from Málaga to Ronda, about 105 km (65 miles) away. The drive was beautiful as we passed orange, lemon and olive tree groves.

orange tree grove

Ronda is a more tourist-y destination so many restaurants had menus in Spanish, English, German, and French. We were starving by the time we arrived and chose the Bodega La Verdad for lunch, where we had the best tapas!

Queso y Langostinos a la Prancha
Croquetas de la Verdad
Albódigas Caseras

 As we were leaving the Bodega, we ran into an American couple outside looking over the menu. They stopped us to ask if we spoke English, so we were able to recommend the restaurant. We felt like such pros after that. 😉

Ronda is an old town with beginnings in the 6th century BC when the Celts settled the region. Today, it is a lovely town nestled in the mountains with picture-perfect sights.





Church of our Lady of the Incarnation, Santa Maria


We visited Plaza de Toros, the oldest modern bullring, completed in 1784.  

Plaza de Toros

Ronda is considered the birthplace of modern bullfighting and began the tradition of wearing red silks and flashy costumes in the ring. 


Next, we visited Puente Neuvo (the new bridge). It was built in 1793, having taken 42 years to complete. The bridge spans a huge gorge and is 98 meters (322 feet) tall!  



While we were there, we ran into another American couple from California and took their family’s picture in front of the bridge. It’s funny how in a foreign country, you become instant friends with fellow Americans. We also met a lady from Pennsylvania in one of the souvenir shops. 

On our way back to the bus station, we stopped for a quick snack of Churros y Chocolate, and by chocolate, I mean a cup of melted chocolate not hot chocolate like I thought. It was rich but delicious!


Wednesday was an incredible day. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to travel to Ronda. I would love to go back, because there were several things we didn’t get to do in the short amount of time we were there. 


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