Morocco – Day Three: Assilah

I was privileged to experience daylight savings time twice. (Going back to Spain, I also lost an hour since it’s in a different time zone than Morocco.)

We checked out of our hotel Sunday morning and headed to Assilah, a very small, coastal town on the Atlantic only about an hour away. Our route took us along the Atlantic Ocean, and the day started out very clear. Only a couple hours later fog rolled in and you could see very little. 



Our pace in Assilah was very laid back, and we just strolled along. It was a refreshing counterpart to the two previous days of fast-paced mountainous walks. 


We got to do some shopping and passed by another bakery.


The city was established 550 years ago as a Portuguese city and also had the medina where the shops were located. In Tangier and Chefchaouen, citizens learn Arabic, French and English, while Assilah is a Spanish-influenced city with no French. The city is very artistic and hosts an art festival each August, where artists come in and paint murals on the walls. At the end of the year, they paint over the previous year’s murals so that artists can paint new ones. 

We saw an old, abandoned Jewish synagogue. I’m not entirely sure how long it’s been vacant. 


Elizabeth and I really wanted to get henna tattoos, so our guide found a couple women who could draw the henna. The only problem was timing. Once you get it, it has to dry for a while, and we didn’t think that through. We went to eat lunch right afterwards, so it was quite difficult eating while trying not to use our hands and mess it up. We both ordered shrimp not even realizing we would have to peel them. That was not the smartest move on our part. 

We made it back to the ferry around 4:30, and proceeded to go through Morocco customs before boarding the ferry for Tarifa. The ferry ride was so much better this time because we were able to sit down for the crossing instead of wait in line like our previous ferry ride. 

 We made it back to Tarifa a little after 8 and got loaded back into the car with all of our souvenirs piled in our laps and at our feet. We stopped for McDonald’s along the way, and it was the best McDonald’s cheeseburger I’ve ever had! It tasted nothing like what we have in the US. Delicious!

We got back to Elizabeth’s apartment in Málaga about 11, and I still had to pack. Elizabeth also wanted to send some things back with me so we stayed up to pack and decided there was no point in going to bed since I had to leave for the airport at 4:45

The trip to Spain and Morocco was an awesome one full of new foods, friends, and memories for a lifetime.


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